Ellen Wood's Short Story Collections

Titles of collections are in chronological order with original periodical
publication dates of individual stories given in parentheses.

Johnny Ludlow. First Series [Anon], 3 vols, Bentley, 1874.
i) Losing Lena (1868), ii) Finding Both of Them (1868), iii) Wolfe Barrington's Taming (1870), iv) Major Parrifer (1868), v) Coming Home to Him (1868), vi) Lease, the Pointsman (1869), vii) Aunt Dean (1872), vii) Going Through the Tunnel (1869), ix) Dick Mitchel (1870), x) A Hunt by Moonlight (1868), xi) The Beginning of the End (1869), xii) "Jerry's Gazette" (1869), xiii) Sophie Chalk (1869), xiv) At Miss Deveen's (1869), xv) The Game Finished (1869), xvi) Going to the Mop (1871), xvii) Breaking Down (1872), xviii) Reality or Delusion? (1868), xix) David Garth's Night-Watch (1869), xx) David Garth's Ghost (1871), xxi) Seeing Life (1871), xxii) Our Strike (1871), xxiii) Bursting-Up (1871), xxiv) Getting Away (1871), xxv) Over the Water (1871) & xxvi) At Witney Hall (1872).

Told in the Twilight, 3 vols., Bentley, 1875.
i) Parkwater (1857), ii) All Souls' Eve (1856), iii) Martyn Ware's Temptation (1863), iv) The Dream of Gertrude Lisle (1870), v) Cyrilla Maude (1872), vi) The Self-Convicted (1853), vii) Mr. North's Dream (1868), viii) My Cousin Caroline's Wedding (1852), ix) A Night-Walk over the Mill-Stream (1863), x) An Incident in the Life of Lord Byron (1853) & xi) Feathers and Spangles (1869).

Parkwater, 3 vols, Bentley, 1876.
i) Parkwater (1857), ii) The Foggy Night at Offord (1858), iii) Mr North's Dream (1868), iv) Martyn Ware's Temptation (1863), & v) Feathers and Spangles (1869).
[Note: The single-volume editions of Parkwater & Other Stories issued from 1890 omitted 'The Foggy Night at Offord', which was transferred to The Unholy Wish & Other Stories].

Johnny Ludlow. Second Series, 3 vols, Bentley, 1880.
i) Lost in the Post (1870), ii) A Life of Trouble (1870), iii) Hester Reed's Pills (1874), iv) Abel Crew (1874), v) Robert Ashton's Wedding Day (1870), vi) Hardly Worth Telling (1870), vii) Charles Van Rheyn (1875), viii) Mrs. Todhetley's Earrings (1873), ix) A Tale of Sin (1870), x) A Day of Pleasure (1872), xi) The Final Ending to it (1872), xii) Margaret Rymer (1875), xiii) The Other Earring (1874), xiv) Anne (1876), xv) The Key of the Church (1875), xvi) The Syllabub Feast (1875), xvii) Seen in the Moonlight (1875), xviii) Rose Lodge (1876) & xix) Lee, the Letter-Man (1877).

Johnny Ludlow. Third Series, 3 vols, Bentley, 1885.
i) The Mystery of Jessy Page (1871), ii) Crabb Ravine (1869), iii) Our Visit (1873), iv) Janet Carey (1873), v) Dr. Knox (1873), vi) Helen Whitney's Wedding (1877), vii) Helen's Curate (1877), viii) Jellico's Pack (1869), ix) Caromel's Farm (1878), x) Charlotte and Charlotte (1878), xi) The Last of the Caromels (1878), xii) A Day in Briar Wood (1877), xiii) The Story of Dorothy Grape (1881), xiv) Lady Jenkins (1879) & xv) The Angels' Music (1876).

Lady Grace and Other Stories, 3 vols, Bentley, 1887.
i) Lady Grace. (1887), ii) A Soldier's Career. (1854), iii) The Surgeon's Daughters. (1854) & iv) The Unholy Wish. (1853).
[Note: The additional short stories were omitted from 1890 onwards, when they were transferred to The Unholy Wish & Other Stories].

Adam Grainger and Other Stories, 1 vol, Bentley, 1890.
i) Adam Grainger (1857), ii) Gina Montani (1851), iii) A Tomb in a Foreign Land (1853), iv) Katarina Orsini (1877), v) The Self-Convicted (1853), vi) A Mysterious Visitor (1857), vii) Rupert Hall (1876) & viii) All Souls' Eve (1856).

Johnny Ludlow. Fourth Series, 1 vol, Bentley, 1890.
i) A Mystery (1882), ii) Sandstone Torr (1874), iii) Chandler and Chandler (1875), iv) Verena Fontaine's Rebellion (1880), v) A Curious Experience (1883), vi) Roger Bevere (1884), vii) Ketira the Gipsy (1876), viii) The Curate of St. Matthews (1879) & ix) Mrs Cramp's Tenant (1881).

Johnny Ludlow. Fifth Series, 1 vol, Bentley, 1890.
i) Featherston's Story (1889), ii) Watching on St Mark's Eve (1868), iii) Sanker's Visit (1868), iv) Roger Monk (1868), v) The Ebony Box (1883) & vi) Our First Term at Oxford (1873).

The Unholy Wish and Other Stories, 1 vol, Bentley, 1890.
i) The Unholy Wish (1853), ii) The Foggy Night at Offord (1858), iii) The Surgeon's Daughters (1854), iv) The Brilliant Keeper (1862), v) Two Marriages (1858), vi) The Mail-Cart Robbery (1856), vii) Millicent's Folly (1855), viii) The Parson's Oath (1855), ix) A Mesmerist of the Years Gone By (1855) & x) A Soldier's Career (1854).

Ashley & Other Stories, 1 vol, Bentley, 1897.
i) Ashley (1856), ii) The Engagement of Susan Chase (1857/8), iii) The Prebendary's Daughter (1855) & iv) Mr. Castonel (1857).

Johnny Ludlow. Sixth Series, 1 vol, Macmillan, 1899.
i) The Mystery at Number Seven (1877), ii) Caramel Cottage (1885), iii) A Tragedy (1886), iv) In Later Years (1887) & v) The Silent Chimes (1891).

Popular Family Tales of English Life, 1 vol, Simpkin, Marshall, n.d. [c.1902].
i) Rushing Headlong Into Marriage (1858), ii) Three Hundred a Year (1858), iii) The Young Clergyman and his Antimacassars (1856), iv) The Steward's Bargain (1856), v) The Parson's Oath (1855), vi) The Mysterious Visitor (1857), vii) The Diamond Bracelet (1858), viii) Going into Exile (1858), ix) Coming out of Exile (1858), x) The Unholy Wish (1853), xi) A Turn in the Leaf of Life (1853), xii) Jane Dixon's Governess (1856), xiii) The Beautiful Annie Lee (1852), xiv) Annie Livingstone's New Home (1853), xv) The Sister and Brother (1851), xvi) During Seven Years and After (1851), xvii) Raby Verner's Inheritance (1858), xviii) The Lunatic Asylum (1855), xix) The Prebendary's Daughter (1855), xx) Lady Adela's Suitor (1856), xxi) The Merchant and his Wife (1856), xxii) The Infatuation, and What Came of it (1856), xxiii) The Mail-Cart Robbery (1856), xxiv) The Missing Letter (1856), xxv) Anna Leicester's School Days (1852) & xxvi) Anna Leicester's Married Life (1852).

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