Recent Reprints of Wood's Novels & Stories


East Lynne,
          Broadview Press, 2000, ed. Andrew Maunder.
          Everyman, 1994, eds. Norman Page & Kamal Al-Solaylee.
          Sutton Press, 1993, ed. Fionn O'Toole.

The Shadow of Ashlydyat,
          Sutton Press, 1994, ed. Fionn O'Toole.

Elibron Classics -
This firm has recently reissued many of Wood's titles, often utilizing early editions. Several of these are exact replicas of the Tauchnitz editions, which usually appeared in the same year as the first UK book editions. These were normally issued in 2 volumes, which is why some of the following are available in this format.
The titles reprinted include:
East Lynne, A Life's Secret, The Shadow of Ashlydyat, Trevlyn Hold (2 vols), Anne Hereford, Bessy Rane (2 vols), George Canterbury's Will (2 vols), Dene Hollow (2 vols), Within the Maze (2 vols), The Master of Greylands (2 vols), Johnny Ludlow First Series (2 vols), Helen Whitney's Wedding & Other Tales [Volume 2 of the original 3 volume Johnny Ludlow: Third Series collection]. A Tale of Sin & Other Tales [Volume 2 of the original 3 volume Johny Ludlow: Second Series]. Adam Grainger, Anne & Other Tales [Volume 3 of the original 3 volume Johny Ludlow: Second Series]. Court Netherleigh (2 vols), Danesbury House, Dene Hollow (2 vols), Edina (2 vols), Elster's Folly (2 vols), Lady Adelaide's Oath (2 vols), Lord Oakburn's Daughters (2vols). Lost in the Post & Other Tales [Volume 1 of the original 3 volume Johny Ludlow: Second Series], Mildred Arkell (2 vols), Mrs Halliburton's Troubles (2 vols), Orville College, Oswald Cray (2 vols), Pomeroy Abbey (2 vols), Roland Yorke (2 vols), The Channings (2 vols), The Earl's Heirs, The Foggy Night, The House of Halliwell, The Mystery of Jessy Page & Other Tales [Volume 1 of the original 3 volumes Johnny Ludlow: Third Series], The Red Court Farm (2 vols), The Story of Dorethy Grape & Other Tales [Volume 3 of the original 3 volume Johnny Ludlow: Third Series], Told in the Twilight (2 vols), Trevlyn Hold (2 vols), Verner's Pride (3 vols), William Allair, Within the Maze (2 vols).


'A Curious Experience'
          A Treasury of Victorian Ghost Stories, ed. E.F. Bleiler, Scribner's, 1981.

'Going Through the Tunnel'
          A Treasury of Victorian Detective Stories, ed. E.F. Bleiler, Harvester, 1980.

'A Mysterious Visitor'
          Reign of Terror: The 4th Corgi Book of Great Victorian Horror, Stories
ed. Michel Parry, Corgi, 1977.

'The Mystery at Number Seven'
          Victorian Detective Stories, ed. Michael Cox, OUP, 1993.
          19th-Century Short Stories by Women, ed. Harriet D. Jump, Routledge, 1998.

'Reality or Delusion'
          The Virago Book of Victorian Ghost Stories, ed. Richard Dalby, Virago, 1988.
          Victorian Ghost Stories, ed. Michael Cox, & R.A Gilbert, OUP, 1991.
          Classic Ghost Stories, ed. John Grafton, Dover Thrift Editions, 1998.

Booklet about Wood

Mrs Henry Wood in Worcester and Malvern by William E. Lee, First Paige, 1992.

Recent Articles/Essays

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I am very grateful to Gwyn Bailey for sending me details of the Dover Thrift Edition of 'Reality or Delusion?'.
I would also like to thank Andrew Mangham for sending me a copy of Sally Shuttleworth's essay.