Ellen Wood's Statement on the Authorship
of the Johnny Ludlow Stories

SOME speculation has existed as to who is the writer of the Papers purporting to be by Johnny Ludlow, and more than one individual has come forward claiming to be the Author. In answer to this, and to divers suppositions, I think the time has come for me to state that they were written by myself. When I began the stories-for the Argosy Magazine-my only motive for not putting my name to them was that they appeared to be told by a boy; and to append my name as the Author would have destroyed the illusion; or, at least, have clashed with it. Many of my friends, the publishers, printers, etc., have known from the first who wrote "Johnny Ludlow."

And now, having said thus much, it only remains for me to thank the public, as I do heartily, for the very great favour they have accorded to these simple and unpretending stories.

                                                                                                                                             ELLEN WOOD.

LONDON, September 1880.

(Text: Preface to Johnny Ludlow: First Series, Fifth Edition, Bentley: London, 1883).